Finally Home, Again

Welcome back! It has been a very busy 6 months – due in large part to our relocation from Virginia to Colorado. It is amazing just how much stuff you can accumulate over 20 years in one location.

Naturally, my thoughts turned to those children we rely on the foster care system, and just how disruptive moving is in terms of stability.

In some of the stories, you hear of foster children packing up and headed out to a “new” home with the contents of their belongings fitting in a large plastic bag or two. It is hard to consider just how disruptive these shifts must be.

Thoughts on Aging Out

These children as they become adults – the age of 18 in most states – face a variety of daunting challenges – where to live, where to work, and what next. They represent the community of those who have aged out of the foster care system.

By some estimates 23,000 young men and women age out each year. Many never having found the permanence, memories, and safety of a true home. They enter adulthood with an entirely different perspective on what it means to succeed and just what survival means.

A challenge I would share with you – would be to discover what options exist in your community – what organizations are offering support, safety, and stability. Is there a way you can help?

A New Beginning

The journey west has placed me in the heart of the Rocky Mountains – surrounded by natural obstacles and challenges – for me to tackle at my choosing. A true blessing.

We look forward to the future and are grateful for the new chapters that lay ahead of The Greater Glory Co. – continuing to support and grow our ministry partnerships and expand our product offerings – and increase awareness of the aging-out situation in America.