Here are some frequently asked questions about The Greater Glory Co.

How much of the sales will go to the ministry partners?

Initially we are setting aside 10% of each sale to distribute to our ministry partners.  The goal is 50% of all sales to support local, national and international Christian orphan care ministries.

What types of ministries is Greater Glory partnering with?

Out of the gate, we are supporting local non-profit Christian ministries who support women’s health, orphan, and foster care space.

Do you anticipate partnering with other Christian ministry types?

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How long does it take for flags to delivery?

During our first month of operation we expect five to seven day production to ship turn time on most items – our aim is to hit a two day production to ship target.

What type of wood is used to create the Greater Glory Christian Flags?

The Office version is made of solid oak.  Both the Classic and Mission flags are made from pine.

Does FREE SHIPPING include global orders?

No.  The free shipping is extended to deliveries in the 48 contiguous states.  We have visions of expanding beyond the United States – for now we will serve at the local and national level.

Do you donate product for charitable events?

We will address each ask individually, but we like to think of every single purchase as having a strong tie to charity – it’s in our mission and defines our purpose.

Does The Greater Glory Co. have retail outlets or a showroom?

At this stage we are 100% ecommerce based operation.

Are you actively seeking testimonials?

YES.  We know the power of the written word, and when coupled with the workings of Jesus – they carry life transforming hope.  For now, we are seeking testimonies from families, ministries and others impacted by the love of Christ in the orphan and foster care space.

How do you become a Ministry Partner?

The Ministry Affiliate Program – will launch in a BETA  format.  At the outset we would like for each applicant to share the Who, What, Where, Why of their mission, as well as an endorsement from a senior pastor.