Collective of The Cross – New Program

This program enables individuals and organizations to “Gift-it-Forward”, with the purchase (5, 15, 50, or more) of our handcrafted wooden Christian flags and share them with family, friends, and co-laborers.

Can you think of 5 people who have played a part in your life of faith? They shared time, resources, biblical perspective, a listening ear, and fellowship. Each supporting act from these individuals helps form our spiritual core in Christ – what we term a Collective of The Cross.

Small Framed Classic Christian Flag - Collective of The Cross

The Gift that Keeps Loving

We know this program will have a ripple effect in the homes and offices where the flag is on display. The flag will encourage the sharing of many testimonies and, we trust, a conversation about the challenges of young men and women aging out of the foster care system.

It remains our hope that each expression, via this program or otherwise, will magnify the glory of the Lord in our lives.

The Collective of The Cross Flag Arrives

Customized Order Offering

This program provides flexibility on the style and size of flags – even with the option of an engraved plaque on our framed flags.  Who in your circle-of-faith would you like to bless?  To learn more about the Collective of The Cross please email us today.