Serving Two Masters

In the generic professional world of business, a follower of Christ can typically exist without much of a struggle – but when you inject Jesus into the forefront as the guiding purpose for who you are and what you do then the Lord begins a mighty work.

I speak from experience. You see the challenge was pushing forward on the unveiling of The Greater Glory Co. and getting caught up in the tangle of motives. That tangle included, to a degree, pride, greed, and approval of man. What a mess it can be when we face such a conflict.

To be clear, those “old man” motives wanted to dominate and control all aspects of the company launch. That proves a frustrating place to operate from. As a side, this can happen to anyone in any walk of life, this is where it surfaced most clearly in mine.

Here is what Jesus says, specifically about the battle I where He brought victory. “No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

Learning to Relinquish Control

So, where does Jesus begin and I end, is that even the proper frame of reference? That is a sign of incorporating him into our plan, instead of working side by side with him. In order for me to live and work side by side, I must relinquish control. That means always checking my motives, always praying through, inquiring of the Lord.

The challenge is losing focus. The relationship develops in greater depth when the asking, seeking, and knocking are no longer afterthoughts – this is growth and maturity in Christ, and he uses all manner of situations and circumstances to help us expand our knowing relationship.

The Purifying Fire

If you’ve struggled with seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and you feel stuck, take heart, this to shall pass. But only if. You, me, we, must press on. If we choose not to, we will go through the day, week, month, year and beyond with a sense of lack and confusion – the tangled web, mentioned above.

We can exist in the tangle – and do our best to coexist with others and be successful – but it will be hard, it will be toil. If you find yourself in that place, and you need rest – stop kicking and swinging in the midst of the web. You will find peace, as many before us have and continue to do. But only if, you surrender, you forgive, and press on.

Press into Jesus, the Word

If you are already a believer then, as I have done, get back to the word, quiet your soul and get back into the truth – not to check the box – but to Ask, to Seek and to Knock. You will be refreshed – Jesus promises.

If you have not trusted in the Lord, then check what is motivating you in your professional life – is it all about money, all about savings, and all about retirement, more stuff, better things? Not that those things are bad in and of themselves, is it how you identify yourself? I walked that space for a long time, and the old self, as I alluded to above, can try and seize the reigns of life, of work and attempt to influence all manner of decisions and choices.

If you have thought about this, then I can guarantee the Lord has put a person in your path you know and trust, who knows Christ and can help you navigate the path from OLD to NEW. There is one catch, time is limited, tomorrow is not guaranteed – be mindful of what motivates you in procrastinating.

You will end up with a wonderful story that will last a very long time. Consider that, please.


The 3 Part Mission of The Greater Glory Co.  To encourage the sharing of testimonies, and release transforming power amongst the curious, the hungry, and thirsty – the world.  Offer handcrafted wood Christian flags that celebrate and memorialize the transformed life, and…support the ministries that tend to the least among these, orphans and children aging out of foster care.