A God Thing

We have named our blog page The Journey – yes, it lacks the pop of most marketers preference, but no substitute proves worthy. As with many journeys we travel, there are often instances that grab our attention to the point of claiming “it is a God thing”. One of the reasons we encourage you to share a testimonial snapshot is you are likely creating or participating in one of those moments in a journey.

If you have read any of the previous blog posts you know that the creation of The Greater Glory Co. has and continues to bless in unexpected ways. Lessons in faith, or lack thereof, instances of inspiration and despair, and now joy and hope.

Crossroads of Confirmation

I am new to Instagram and was browsing images from the FOV page, in a quick fashion, and one image gave pause. I rolled back to the image and clicked through. Low and behold it was a shot of one of the primary FOV team members I have been working with for a few weeks tweaking colors and new design ideas. Not much of a surprise to learn Jeremy served in the USMC – his FOV team profile is here.

Image from Flags of Valor - Jeremy and K9

What did jump out at me was that he served in Kilo Company, hmmm I thought, kept reading, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Division. That sounded very similar to the exact unit my uncle served in Vietnam in the mid-1960s. I did some quick fact-checking and sure enough, Jeremy and Larry served in the very same company, decades apart. That moment brought a flood of memories of times past with a great friend and mentor, and a deep sense of joy, encouragement, and yes confirmation that we are on the right path.

Image of UL in 60's


Uncle Larry, or UL, as he was known amongst many of his friends and co-workers at MDI Imaging & Mail, wrestled, though not outwardly, with PTS – and the challenges that came with it. I was fortunate to have worked alongside him for about 10 years and learn many valuable lessons, as did many others around me.

You might be able to think of someone in your life that holds a place of such esteem and honor, I certainly hope you can think of a few – pray for them – remember them.

Now, I don’t know the odds of something like this occurring in the seemingly random moments in life, but this was a God thing. It came at just the right time – when I needed some added encouragement. It served its purpose.

Thankfully, I get to continue to work and create with one of Larry’s USMC kin. Each time I step foot into the factory at FOV I will recall his presence, I will remember what voluntary service looks like and the heavy toll it can take, and the hope of healing that is available for veterans of all types of conflict. There is always hope!

March on and Do Likewise

Where in your life have you seen God working in your life? Do you have a story to share? This Memorial Day weekend I encourage you to consider doing just that – remember those in your life who served in helping you to become the person God created you to become – and reach out and thank them.


The 3 Part Mission of The Greater Glory Co.  To encourage the sharing of testimonies, and release transforming power amongst the curious, the hungry, and thirsty – the world.  Offer handcrafted wood Christian flags that celebrate and memorialize the transformed life, and…support the ministries that tend to the least among these, orphans and children aging out of foster care.