Why a Christian Flag – Pledge?

Symbols are highly efficient methods for harmonizing groups under one or more common beliefs, or systems of beliefs. Most children in the USA are raised reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at school each morning. Some who attend Christian schools will include pledges to the Bible and the Christian Flag.

Out of Many, One

The flag of the United States of America represents one nation comprising of many states and vast citizenry. We have differing perspectives (and opinions) on what is the best plan for our towns, cities, states, and country – but we remain united under the banner of the flag, which ultimately represents the freedom and liberty to plot the course as an individual and group. Some have referred to our system of governance as a grand experiment. The journey continues, even with the bumps, hurdles, and hitches, and for the most part, it works.

For the followers of Christ, and there is a great and growing number who count themselves as Christians, we also have a banner to walk, lead, teach, and live under. Similarly to the flag of the USA, we have many groups with as many doctrines and differences (some even split hairs) and make that which separates greater than that which strengthens us. I wonder what motivates followers, who are called to love one another, to harbor angst on the church across the street. The day will come when what we agree on will trump what we disagree on – and the glory will all go to God!

A Call to Unity

We serve a great and mighty God. His banners are as vast as His promises – and we stand under them when we call upon him in all times and situations – in sickness and in health, rich or poor – we can trust his sovereign will. We can choose to walk in faith or in flesh. Since we are called to walk by faith, why not choose to celebrate that which unites us, rather than shelter in our differences?

Here is one version, I found three on Wikipedia, of the Pledge to the Christian Flag, imagine that. This one I believe was the first and the inspiration of the modern Christian Flag crafted by Ralph Diffendorfer in 1897.

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands; one brotherhood, uniting all mankind in service and in love.

The last segment of the pledge – uniting all mankind in service and in love – hits the mark. It’s not so much that we put aside our differences, it is that we serve and love one another with the same love Christ shares with us. A slight difference in perspective – but monumental shift in motive.

How can you Help?

Go and make disciple-makers – God’s economy is full of opportunity. Whether it is in your home, your school, place of work, or play – if you are motivated by the love of Christ you will see wonderful fruit. Perhaps it is leading a Sunday school, or feeding the hungry, or fostering a child in your community – you and I, when we are working out our faith by loving others can and will make a difference.

Please check out the wooden Christian flags we offer. They are each individually handcrafted by the team at Flags of Valor – which done incredible work in and amongst the veteran community. You can learn more about their mission on our Partners page.

Remember, our mission as a business is threefold, one of which is to pour back the proceeds from the revenue back into the community – in our early stages this includes Mosaic Virginia and the Fusion Coalition. Our goal is to reach every state and county in the USA – please pray that our success will further God’s plans! Stand firm – stand united in power and love!


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